The Healing WELL offers calm in the storms of poverty and prejudice, mental illness, substance abuse and addiction. Inspired by the ideals of compassion and justice, we love and guide one another so we can step into brighter futures, healing ourselves and our greater community.

Our Story

We founded The Healing WELL in June, 2015, because of our love for and commitment to all people, especially the most marginalized members of our community.  Through our collective decades of experience working with vulnerable people, our staff and volunteers bring wisdom, compassion and vision to our ministry of healing and recovery.  We are a new organization, blessed with the opportunity to listen carefully and develop intentionally.  

The most common question we hear is:  “You’re teaching yoga and poetry to homeless and poor people?  Shouldn’t you be focused on helping them find housing, secure jobs and complete their education?”  The answer is, “We are.”  Until and unless people are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually able to cope with the challenges of their everyday lives, and there are sufficient resources to address long-standing community needs, these goals are unattainable.  At The Healing WELL, we offer evidence-based best practices to promote wellness for all people.  We also partner with organizations educating, organizing and advocating for lasting community change.    

We are committed to honoring the innate dignity and goodness of every person, especially those facing poverty, substance abuse and addiction, and mental and physical health challenges. Guided and inspired by the wisdom traditions of both East and West, we honor the truths found in spiritual perspectives as well as science and medicine. Our goal is in no way to replace valuable conventional medical and psychological treatments, but to complement and support, and, above all, to keep humanity, care and compassion at the forefront of well-being.  

We utilize a harm reduction model, accepting people where they are.  

We are dedicated to the principle that each of us has the ability to reduce suffering in our lives and cultivate health, happiness and wholeness.  As we heal ourselves, we heal our aching world.

Our programming is designed to tend to body, mind and spirit and includes:

  • Movement

  • Mindfulness and  contemplative practices

  • Creative arts appreciation and expression

  • Physical fitness and healthy eating

  • Social support


Banner photo by Chelsea Tucker,