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This practice includes breathing techniques, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.  Widely practiced for health and relaxation, it creates balance in the mind and body by developing strength, endurance and flexibility.    Approaches vary with different teachers,  ranging from slow flowing movements to gentle holding of postures.

chair yoga

This is a gentle form of yoga, practiced sitting in a chair or standing while using a chair for support.  It allows all participants, including those with physical limitations, to benefit from the practice of yoga.


Whether lying on mats or sitting in chairs, participants are guided toward a state of thoughtful awareness and calm. Approaches vary with different teachers, ranging from conscious breathing to guided imagery.

gentle tai chi

This soft martial art involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner. Designed to increase well-being and balance, as well as to reduce stress, it is meditation in motion.

art classes

Creative individuals gather to share in the therapeutic experience of art making. This can include painting, drawing, collage, jewelry making and other mediums.


Through  reading, discussing and creating the written word in a small group, participants experience the healing power of poetry.  They discover and celebrate their own wisdom and beauty, which is sometimes inaccessible through ordinary language,

book club

In a group setting, we will discuss the themes which arise from our reading of the selected book. Participants will be given their own personal copy of the book, and read a section in preparation for a discussion.

12 steps for healing

Similar to an AA or NA group, this lunch-time support group invites participants to reflect upon, share about and discuss issues which affect their everyday lives.  Participants choose the topics, and respectful cross talk is allowed.  The group is facilitated by an experienced volunteer.


Banner photo by Chelsea Tucker, ChelseaSees.com